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The site is a 25' x 92' lot in the Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn. The block at present is predominantly warehouse buildings, but is zoned for residential use and is slowly being converted to a residential neighborhood, with artists as the primary inhabitants.

The clients for this project are a married couple, both artists. One works primarily in photography, the other works in painting, drawing and video. The project is for studio space for each of them and office space for their staff. The photography studio is on the ground floor, and the painting and drawing studio is on the top floor, with the administrative offices between on the second floor.

Natural light is the focus of the project, this is vital to their work and how they live. Both artists and much of their staff hail originally from tropical Brazil, and want to make the most of the sunlight that reaches temperate New York.

The proposed construction is a steel frame with walls of aerated autoclaved concrete block on the east and west sides. The north and south facades are glass curtain walls to maximize the light entering the space. There is a large north-facing clerestory to bring light to the center of the painting studio.

One goal of the design was to maximize the outdoor space on a small urban lot. There is a small courtyard at the back of the project, a terrace at the office level and a balcony and roof deck accessed from the painting studio. The stairway wraps around a narrow atrium which brings light down to the lower level, and allows large paintings to be moved into and out of the painting studio at the top floor.